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Property Renovations and Construction LLC is one of the longest-serving roofing companies in Englewood, Florida. If you’re looking for roofing, windows and doors, and a custom exterior business that offers quality craftsmanship, then your search ends at PRC LLC roofing company.

Thanks to our experienced team of professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in building, designing, and renovation, we can bring your dream home to life. We also provide hurricane-proofing and the best roofing solutions, so your property remains safe from natural disasters that Florida is prone to. Contact us now to get a free quote on your next residential or commercial roofing project or to learn more about services in Englewood.




We rollform all our metal roofs on-site and can fabricate your soffit, fascia and gutters to color match, creating a beautiful exterior look. With high disaster and fire resistance and superior durability, metal roof systems are energy efficient, long lasting and come in several different colors and styles.


Tile is actually the most popular roofing product in the world. Offering a great appeal and long life, tiles come in many different colors, decorative profiles, and a variety of materials such as clay, concrete, slate, metal, and composite.


The most popular and cost-effective roofing system, providing water resistance, durability, and economical advantages

Single Ply

Cost effective, flexible, sturdy, energy efficient and easy to install system for flat and low sloped roofs.

Modified Bitumen

For flat or low sloped roofs. It is a multi-layered system with a granulated top, offering increased strength and durability

Roof Coatings

A cost effective way to improve the performance and lifespan of your existing roof by roll or spray on application

Roof Repairs

Damage to a roof is an urgent repair. From residential to commercial roofing systems, field service will note any discrepancies with an action plan to correct and prevent further damage.

Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Prevent damage or emergency repair costs by keeping up with roofing inspections and routine maintenance.


There’s no need to stress over replacing your roof when you trust the experts at PRC.


Signs You Need a Roof Repair

Roofing plays a pivotal role in the protection of your house. You need to keep it in good condition to ensure the safety of your property. Even the most minor cracks could become a big problem if neglected for an extended period. 

It seems as if hurricane season is always just around the corner. To prepare, ensure that your roof is in the best possible condition, so your house doesn’t suffer any expensive storm damage. Here are some warning signs that your roof may need repairs in Englewood. If you’re looking for quality residential and commercial Englewood roofing service, contact PRC LLC roofing company.

Sagging spots in the roof

Inspect your roof and see if you notice any spots where it’s sagging or drooping. If yes, your roof may have become a victim of rotten boards due to trapped moisture. This may need immediate roof repairs if you don’t want the problem to worsen. Call a professional if you observe any sagging spots and give your roof the repairs it needs in Englewood.

Damage to the shingles

Inspect your shingles and see if you see any cracked, curled, missing, broken, or damaged shingles. If you see signs of shingle damage, you will have to get them replaced. The longer you neglect the damaged shingles, the higher the price you will have to pay once you eventually decide to call a professional in Englewood.
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Water stains on the ceiling or walls

Water stains on the roof or the walls may indicate a roof leak. Regardless of the scale of the water leak, it’s best to get it checked before they cause any severe roof problem. Not to mention, they also look unpleasant. The stains occur when the roof’s underlayment has been compromised, and the water seeps inside. When you detect the stains, call PRC LLC roofing company, and get the roof checked by quality professionals in Englewood.

High-energy bills

Property owners have a fair idea of what their monthly energy bill looks like. While there could be some difference each passing season, if there is a huge spike in the energy bill one fine summer or winter morning, it’s likely the fault lies in the roof.

A faulty roof can cause uneven interior temperatures. If this happens, your HVAC unit must work harder to maintain ideal temperature levels, resulting in unusually high utility bills. If your energy bills have increased all of a sudden, or have been gradually increasing over time, then it’s best to call professionals and let them take a look at your roof in Englewood.

Problems with the chimney or the flashing

Any issue with flashing or the chimney should not be ignored. A compromised flashing can invite moisture into direct contact with the chimney. This can be highly detrimental to your roofing system and your home. To know whether there is an issue with the chimney, you can have a professional examine it before things get out of hand.

Other roofing issues that may warrant repair are critters in the attic, green spots (which may indicate moss or mold growth), and strange wet spots in your house. If you notice signs of any of these, contact Property Renovations and Construction LLC roofing company. Our roofing solution and highest quality service can help you with any roofing and shingle issue and help you save money on hefty repair and replacement in Englewood. Contact us now to get started on the Englewood roofing project.

What to Do if Storm/ Hurricane Damaged Your Roof in Englewood

Storms and hurricanes can inflict severe damage to properties. After such a calamity, the repair and replacement job can go extremely hard on the property owners, who would be forced to pay for hefty storm damage. If your property becomes a victim of storm damage, you need to hire roofers to do as much damage control as possible. A roofing contractor would first inspect the scale of damage and gauge whether repairs would do the trick, or if parts of the roof would have to be replaced, or if the whole roof system would have to be replaced. Accordingly, they will provide you with a roofing project estimate.

To mitigate the damages from natural disasters, consider installing impact doors and windows. These windows are designed to protect homeowners and business owners from storm damage. The glass used to make the windows are solid and impact-resistant, while the structure features a heavy-duty window frame. If any type of window can protect your house from storms, then it is impact windows and doors. If you want to install them in your house, contact PRC LLC roofing company in Englewood now.

Why Choose Property Renovations and Construction LLC for New Construction And Roofing Englewood, FL

Property Renovations and Construction LLC is an all-inclusive roof, windows, doors, and custom exterior service provider in Englewood, Florida. We are the company to contact if you require assistance with your property’s improvement work. Our roofing contractor has years of experience, training, and skill under their belt to provide top-notch services and deliver quality work on time and within the allotted budget. Our customers choose us because we are committed to their satisfaction and leave no stone unturned in achieving the expected results. Hire us for your next roofing project.

Our Roofing Services in Englewood, FL

Property Renovations and Construction LLC provides a complete range of roof services. Here is a rundown of what you can expect from us.

  • Metal roofing system
  • Tile roofing system
  • Shingles
  • Single ply
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Roof replacement
  • Roofing coatings
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof maintenance and inspections

Speak to us now to discuss your next roofing project in Englewood.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When should a roof be replaced?

Your roof should be replaced if it has recently suffered severe storm damage, and simple repair will not do the job. Roofs also come with a limited lifespan. You would have to get it replaced after every 25 years anyway. Some roofing materials last longer. Metal roofing material, for instance, can last about 50 years, while asphalt shingles don’t last as long. Get a new roof depending on your old one’s suggested lifespan, maintenance level, and present condition.

What are the main attributes of a good roofer?

Choosing a roofer can be challenging, primarily because there are several options to choose from. To make things easier, you can keep the key attributes of a good roofer in your mind and hire the one that fits the bill. Here are three chief attributes of a good roof contractor to look out for. 

  • Extensive experience and diverse portfolio 
  • Several positive reviews and an excellent reputation 
  • Affordable services

The last point may be subjective, but if any roofer charges exceedingly high, you can chuck them right off your list of considerations. Ideally, you should have a tentative budget and choose a roofing contractor that comes close to what you are willing to offer.

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