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Property Renovations and Construction, LLC is the one-stop shop for all your home and commercial exterior and roofing needs. If you own a house or business in Florida, our services can help keep the property in the best condition. Protect your property from the harsh weather of Florida and potential break-ins by hiring us to install sturdy roofing systems and robust doors and windows. 

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Property Renovations & Construction

We rollform all our metal roofs on-site and can fabricate your soffit, fascia and gutters to color match, creating a beautiful exterior look. With high disaster and fire resistance and superior durability, metal roof systems are energy efficient, long lasting and come in several different colors and styles.


Tile is actually the most popular roofing product in the world. Offering a great appeal and long life, tiles come in many different colors, decorative profiles, and a variety of materials such as clay, concrete, slate, metal, and composite.


The most popular and cost-effective roofing system, providing water resistance, durability, and economical advantages

Single Ply

Cost effective, flexible, sturdy, energy efficient and easy to install system for flat and low sloped roofs.

Modified Bitumen

For flat or low sloped roofs. It is a multi-layered system with a granulated top, offering increased strength and durability

Roof Coatings

A cost effective way to improve the performance and lifespan of your existing roof by roll or spray on application

Roof Repairs

Damage to a roof is an urgent repair. From residential to commercial roofing systems, field service will note any discrepancies with an action plan to correct and prevent further damage.

Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Prevent damage or emergency repair costs by keeping up with roofing inspections and routine maintenance.


There’s no need to stress over replacing your roof when you trust the experts at PRC.

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    Single Hung Windows

    A window featuring a single moveable sash from  the bottom for ventilation, while the top remains stationary.

    Double Hung Windows

    Like a single hung window, double hung has a bottom moveable sash and includes a top moveable sash. This allows for more ventilation and energy efficiency

    Casement Windows

    Hinged at the side, these windows can be easily opened and closed by a crank handle that can be folded away when not used.

    Picture Windows

    Stationary windows that do not open or close. These windows maximize your view.

    Horizontal Sliding Windows

    This window system opens like a sliding glass door. The sash rests on a track and opens by sliding it. This style
    satisfies many egress requirements.

    Entry Doors

    From front entry doors and sidelights to garage or patio entry doors, these products come in many different designs.

    French Doors

    Provide easy access to a patio or exterior. They are perfect for opening your house and giving a plain room an extra look.

    Sliding Glass Doors

    Gliding horizontally on tracks, these doors offer incredible views and when opened all the way, offer maximum ventilation

    Windows + Doors

    Now is a perfect time to replace those old windows and doors! As Brevard’s concierge contractor, PRC is proud to offer a wide range of window and door products that are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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    Services We Offer

    Property Renovations and Construction, LLC provides a complete range of residential and commercial exterior services. We specialize in roofing systems and impact doors and windows. Here is an overview of our services.

    Commercial Roofing

    Owning a commercial property in Florida can come with various challenges and risks. One of them is keeping your property safe from harsh weather elements such as rain and storms. An improperly installed roofing system can pave the way for water damage, mold growth, and poor ventilation, among other issues. 

    This can take a toll on your finances, as you could be forced to pay more on energy bills, roof repairs, and replacements. Property Renovations and Construction, LLC can install your new roof and offer regular maintenance to keep it in good shape. 

    Our qualified professionals have years of experience in installing various roofing systems on commercial properties. Whether you want a metal roof, tile roof, shingles roof, single ply, or modified bitumen, we have everything you are looking for. In addition, our company also offers roof coating, repair, maintenance, and inspection services. Once we finish the installation, we will continue to stay in touch with you and provide any follow-up service you may need.

    Commercial Impact Windows and Doors

    Impact windows and doors provide supreme protection for your commercial property. These windows are designed to protect your home or office from the debris that could be flung toward the property during a hurricane With Florida being a hotspot for hurricanes you need to have impact windows and doors installed to protect your property. Not just weather elements, but these also protect from theft and burglary. It’s tough to break into impact windows While the burglars try to find their way inside your property, they would create enough ruckus to alarm people nearby. If you have an alarm system installed, then all the better. Property Renovations and Construction, LLC installs various styles of impact doors and windows, including single-hung windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, picture windows, horizontal sliding windows, entry doors, french doors, and sliding glass doors.  You can browse the various types of windows and glass to choose the one that you find the best and most affordable. Contact us now to get started.

    Storefront Doors and Windows

    Storefront doors and windows have two functions — protection and exhibition. If you own a showroom and want to flaunt your products to entice people to visit your store, then a glass window set is just what you need. 

    These windows are designed to lure people into checking out your product lineup. By displaying your best products right by the window, you could increase your store footfalls, sales, and revenue. 

    At the same time, you could protect your store from weather elements and criminals. Storefront impact doors and windows are pretty hard to break into, especially the ones provided by Property Renovations and Construction, LLC. Call us now to get the ultimate protection for your shop. You can choose from several window designs and glass types. Get started now.

    Why Choose Property Renovations and Construction, LLC

    Property Renovations and Construction, LLC offers everything you can expect from a high-end, all-inclusive company that provides exterior renovation services and commercial property construction in Palm Bay, FL. 

    Quality, dedication, commitment, effective communication, and transparency — you can expect all these from our professionals. Whether you want to make your home or office look better or want to provide them with extra protection, we are here to cater to all your needs. 

    Our company uses high-quality materials for projects and employs the most experienced and skilled people for the jobs. Our professionals will work closely with you to ensure that the project pans out exactly how you had envisioned or better. If you want to have your commercial property renovated in Palm Bay, Florida.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost?

    Hurricane windows can protect against weather and theft. They are more expensive than regular windows. But the cost of impact windows could vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the property, the type of window and glass, customization, and needs.  On average, you can expect the windows to cost about $55 per square foot of window. If you’re looking to install the window on your entire home, then the cost could range between $2,449 and $13,395, with $7,922 being the average. Some service providers may charge more or ask for a higher installation fee. Ensure that you talk price with the company and get the quote in writing before finalizing. Ask them for a breakdown of the figure they have quoted, and demand an explanation for all the expenses that they have included. Do your own research as well.

    Are Impact Windows Worth the Money?

    Impact windows may seem a bit expensive at first, but when you consider their value in the long run, you will notice their worth. With excellent impact windows, you could save money on energy bills, frequent repairs, or even replacement due to damage from weather or theft. You can rest assured knowing that your home or commercial property is safe from any harm. 

    How could something that valuable not be worth the money? Speak to a company that provides commercial property renovations in Palm Bay, FL, to know how you can benefit from impact windows.

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