Commercial Roofing in Palm Bay, FL

Regular roof repairs are vital to keeping your commercial property in the best condition. If you believe your flat roof could do better with some touch-ups, maintenance, or replacement in Palm Bay, FL, speak to Property Renovations and Construction, LLC today. 

We provide commercial roofing services in Florida, along with customer exterior and window and door installation services. Contact us to schedule a consultation for commercial roofing in Palm Bay, FL.




We rollform all our metal roofs on-site and can fabricate your soffit, fascia and gutters to color match, creating a beautiful exterior look. With high disaster and fire resistance and superior durability, metal roof systems are energy efficient, long lasting and come in several different colors and styles.


Tile is actually the most popular roofing product in the world. Offering a great appeal and long life, tiles come in many different colors, decorative profiles, and a variety of materials such as clay, concrete, slate, metal, and composite.


The most popular and cost-effective roofing system, providing water resistance, durability, and economical advantages

Single Ply

Cost effective, flexible, sturdy, energy efficient and easy to install system for flat and low sloped roofs.

Modified Bitumen

For flat or low sloped roofs. It is a multi-layered system with a granulated top, offering increased strength and durability

Roof Coatings

A cost effective way to improve the performance and lifespan of your existing roof by roll or spray on application

Roof Repairs

Damage to a roof is an urgent repair. From residential to commercial roofing systems, field service will note any discrepancies with an action plan to correct and prevent further damage.

Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Prevent damage or emergency repair costs by keeping up with roofing inspections and routine maintenance.


There’s no need to stress over replacing your roof when you trust the experts at PRC.


Signs You Need Roof Repairs

If you use roofing maintenance services regularly, a professional roofing contractor can detect any faults in the roof quickly and fix them. However, if you’re lax about maintenance or your property was recently subject to storm damage, you may see signs that indicate your roof needs repairing or replacement. Here are some signs to look out for.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles are the basic building blocks of your roof — any damage to these results in damage to the roofing foundation. If more than two or three shingles in your roof are damaged, broken, cracked, missing, or curled, you should get them fixed or replaced. You may need a new roof if the damage is too severe. 

Consult a contractor from PRC, LLC to know what the best course of action is.

Water Leaks

Palm Bay, FL, residents are no strangers to hurricanes. It’s not uncommon for rainwater to seep inside from the roof, leading to water leaks and water damage inside your property. The leaks can happen because of a failing seaman, damaged flashing, or if there is a cavity in your roof. Water damage from the leaks has other implications, too, such as moss and mold growth. This can tamper with your roof structure and pose a health risk to people on your property. This is why roofing leaks should never be ignored, regardless of how minor they seem on the surface.  When you detect a leak, speak to a licensed roofing business and get a professional to inspect your roof. Based on their findings, you can have your roof repaired or replaced.

Moss Growth

You can deal with moss growth yourself on a minor scale. Moss doesn’t pose that big of a threat. However, if there is significant moss growth, it could pose several risks to your roof, such as rotting.  If you’re quick in calling the professionals, you could salvage the roof, but if the issue is beyond repair, then you’d have to get the roof replaced. A PRC, LLC contractor can help you with your next commercial roofing project in Palm Bay, FL. We offer roofing, door and window installation, and custom exterior services to commercial business owners in the region.  Call us to have a new roof installed.

Granules in the Gutter

Over time, your gutter would collect twigs, leaves, and other debris. While these are mostly harmless, granules should never be in your gutters. 

After a storm, ensure that you inspect your gutters and see if granules have accumulated. A small amount collected in your gutters is fine, but larger piles point to an issue.

Granules are designed to protect your roofing system from harsh weather elements and sun exposure. If the granules are uprooted, that means your roof may be compromised. You’d have to get your roof replaced if this happens.

Damaged Flashing

The flashing of your roof is a crucial component that links the roof with the vents, chimneys, and other components. You want the flashing to be in excellent condition to ensure that it redirects water to prevent leaks.  Call a commercial roofing contractor for roof services if you notice damaged flashing. The longer you ignore the issue, the worse it will get.

Why You Should Choose Property Renovations and Construction, LLC in Palm Bay, FL

PRC, LLC is a full-service and licensed construction company that provides window and door installation and quality roofing services to commercial clients in Palm Bay, Florida. Be it metal roof repair, replacement, or maintenance, you can count on our services to protect your business from weather damage. 

Call our roofing contractors now to get started on your next roofing project for commercial buildings.

Our Commercial Roofing

Our roofing company offers a range of roofing services. Here is a list of what you can expect if you hire our roofers. 

  • Repair 
  • Installation 
  • Maintenance 
  • Coating 
  • Inspections

Call us now to get started if you need a roof installed or maintained in Palm Bay, Florida. You’ll also notice benefits from your insurance company after using our roof installation services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do Average Roofs Last?

The longevity of a roof depends on various factors, including annual maintenance, the type of roofing, and the weather in your area, among other things. On average, your roof would need to be replaced after every 20 to 25 years, provided that it gets adequate upkeep.  Asphalt shingles usually have a lifespan of about 15 to 30 years, while wood shingles should be replaced after 20 to 25 years.

How Can You Tell How Old a Roof Is?

Knowing your roof’s age is important, as it can tell you when it’s time to get it replaced. There are several ways of knowing the age of the roofing. You can speak to the previous owners of the building to learn when the roof was replaced. 

You can also check with the local government and see if your property requires a building permit for roofing. That way, you can learn when the roof was installed from the permit. If this doesn’t work, you can speak to a roofing inspector and trust their skill to gauge the estimated age of the roof.

Do I Need a Professional to Fix Leaks?

While you may be able to handle small leaks on your own, it is always best to consult an expert. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your roof or failing to address the real problem. Roofing contractors know what they’re looking for, and they can ensure a job well done.

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