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Commercial Impact Windows and Doors in Palm Bay, FL

Hurricane season in Palm Bay, Florida, is never good news. Commercial property owners would especially know the woes of these storms, which bring heavy rains, flying debris, and high winds. These elements can severely damage your property, warranting expensive repairs and even door or window replacement. But these expenses are avoidable if you’re smart about the choice of doors and windows for your commercial property. 

Commercial impact windows and doors Palm Bay, FL, provide excellent hurricane protection and add to your property’s value. If you want to install these in your commercial property in Palm Bay, Florida, speak to Property Renovations and Construction, LLC today.



A window featuring a single moveable sash from  the bottom for ventilation, while the top remains stationary.

Like a single hung window, double hung has a bottom moveable sash and includes a top moveable sash. This allows for more ventilation and energy efficiency

Hinged at the side, these windows can be easily opened and closed by a crank handle that can be folded away when not used.

Stationary windows that do not open or close. These windows maximize your view.

This window system opens like a sliding glass door. The sash rests on a track and opens by sliding it. This style
satisfies many egress requirements.

From front entry doors and sidelights to garage or patio entry doors, these products come in many different designs.

Provide easy access to a patio or exterior. They are perfect for opening your house and giving a plain room an extra look.

Gliding horizontally on tracks, these doors offer incredible views and when opened all the way, offer maximum ventilation

Windows + Doors

Now is a perfect time to replace those old windows and doors! As Brevard’s concierge contractor, PRC is proud to offer a wide range of window and door products that are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.


Why Your Business Needs Impact Windows and Doors?

Businesses need strong windows and doors more than anyone. Boarding up your commercial property during the hurricane season can only do so much. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your window protection needs, you’d need storm windows. Here are all the reasons businesses can benefit from impact windows and doors in Palm Bay, FL.

Storm Protection

Hurricane windows feature a shatter-resistant film on the sides of the panes, while some have a strong interlayer between the panes. These additional films and layers prevent the new windows from succumbing to the force and pressure that would break regular windows. The strong construction of the storm windows makes them ideal for protection against hurricanes.  Quality hurricane windows and doors are made to last against the harshest weather elements, from flying debris to heavy rain. While the initial investment may seem like a lot, it makes up for the cost in the long run. If you need windows or a front door installed in Palm Bay, consult PRC, LLC. You can count on our product and window replacement services for your commercial property.

Deters Intrusion

Apart from weather damage, intrusion and burglary are other concerns for property owners. Impact sliding glass doors can also deal with this issue. The interlayer of polyvinyl material between the two panes of glass makes the window strong enough to deter crimes and intrusion.  While the windows are not indestructible, they are tough to break. Any attempt to break these windows would alert the neighbors and passersby. Nobody could break into your property without creating a ruckus. Speak to a window replacement and door company like PRC, LLC to get these windows and doors installed in Palm Bay.

Reduce Outside Noise

Regular windows don’t block sounds from the street. These can affect the customer experience. The solution is impact windows. They are not only designed to keep weather elements and burglars at bay but also sounds. The laminated glass and thick and sturdy frames can significantly reduce external noise. These doors and windows are just what you need for a quiet indoor ambiance.

Lower Energy Costs

Regular windows can increase your bills for heating and cooling. Hurricane windows, on the other hand, are designed to be energy efficient, as they are made of materials meant to reduce heat gain in the summers and heat loss in the winters. This leads to money saved on utility bills. For energy-efficient window or door replacement, contact PRC, LLC.

Increase Property Value

While you may not have immediate plans to sell your property, there’s never any harm in investing in your asset. One of the ways you can increase your property’s value and make it more appealing to buyers is by installing impact-resistant windows and doors. It adds to the property’s curb appeal. You can choose from various styles and glass types to make your commercial property look more elegant.

PRC, LLC has a wide range of options to offer. You can select from single-hung windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, picture windows, horizontal sliding windows, french doors, entry doors, front doors, and sliding glass doors. You can also request custom designs. The sooner you get started on the planning, the quicker and smoother the execution will be. Contact us to get started on your property’s new windows and door installation.

Sliding Windows In An Apartment

Why Choose Property Renovations and Construction, LLC For Commercial Impact Windows and Doors

PRC, LLC is an all-inclusive construction company that provides installation services for hurricane windows and doors in Palm Bay, Florida. Our installation team is qualified and skilled, with years of experience and training under their belt. If there’s any installer that can provide you with quality and quick installation services in the region, it’s us. 

We provide not just new windows and doors but also provide roofing and custom exterior services to our commercial clients. To get started on your property, schedule a meeting with us. We can discuss the basics of the project and provide you with an estimate and a tentative timeline. Contact us now to get impact doors and windows installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Impact-Resistant Windows Last?

Impact windows are bound to experience wear and tear. At some point, you’d have to get them replaced to maximize their effect. You may have to hire replacement services at some point within 10 to 25 years. The exact cycle would depend on the quality of the materials and the installation work. The more durable the product, the longer you can delay replacement. You can talk to a professional to learn the best time to get your impact doors and windows replaced.

Can Impact Windows Break?

Impact doors and windows are not indestructible. So yes, they can break. These windows are impact-resistance rather than impact-proof. So while it’s hard to break impact windows, especially by storm elements like flying debris, they can succumb to extreme force and break. However, you can get maximum advantage by buying windows from a reputed brand, as they design the sturdiest of products.

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