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For improvements to commercial or residential properties, look no further than Property Renovations and Construction, LLC (PRC). Our business is based on upholding integrity through every project. For property renovations and construction in Placida, FL, we’re the ones to trust to be with you every step of the way from initial conception through to long after completion.

With Property Renovations & Construction, LLC, you’ve got a partner fully committed to enhancing your property renovations in Placida, FL. Let us lend our expertise to your project. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.



Property Renovations & Construction

We rollform all our metal roofs on-site and can fabricate your soffit, fascia and gutters to color match, creating a beautiful exterior look. With high disaster and fire resistance and superior durability, metal roof systems are energy efficient, long lasting and come in several different colors and styles.


Tile is actually the most popular roofing product in the world. Offering a great appeal and long life, tiles come in many different colors, decorative profiles, and a variety of materials such as clay, concrete, slate, metal, and composite.


The most popular and cost-effective roofing system, providing water resistance, durability, and economical advantages

Single Ply

Cost effective, flexible, sturdy, energy efficient and easy to install system for flat and low sloped roofs.

Modified Bitumen

For flat or low sloped roofs. It is a multi-layered system with a granulated top, offering increased strength and durability

Roof Coatings

A cost effective way to improve the performance and lifespan of your existing roof by roll or spray on application

Roof Repairs

Damage to a roof is an urgent repair. From residential to commercial roofing systems, field service will note any discrepancies with an action plan to correct and prevent further damage.

Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Prevent damage or emergency repair costs by keeping up with roofing inspections and routine maintenance.


There’s no need to stress over replacing your roof when you trust the experts at PRC.

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Single Hung Windows

A window featuring a single moveable sash from  the bottom for ventilation, while the top remains stationary.

Double Hung Windows

Like a single hung window, double hung has a bottom moveable sash and includes a top moveable sash. This allows for more ventilation and energy efficiency

Casement Windows

Hinged at the side, these windows can be easily opened and closed by a crank handle that can be folded away when not used.

Picture Windows

Stationary windows that do not open or close. These windows maximize your view.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

This window system opens like a sliding glass door. The sash rests on a track and opens by sliding it. This style
satisfies many egress requirements.

Entry Doors

From front entry doors and sidelights to garage or patio entry doors, these products come in many different designs.

French Doors

Provide easy access to a patio or exterior. They are perfect for opening your house and giving a plain room an extra look.

Sliding Glass Doors

Gliding horizontally on tracks, these doors offer incredible views and when opened all the way, offer maximum ventilation

Windows + Doors

Now is a perfect time to replace those old windows and doors! As Brevard’s concierge contractor, PRC is proud to offer a wide range of window and door products that are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Property Renovations & Construction Services We Offer

When it comes to property construction in Placida, FL, Property Renovations & Construction, LLC has you covered. As our services can easily be integrated, we can align our roofing, windows, doors, and building construction services together, making for a seamless process all the way through.

A Person On A Roof In A Vest And A Safety Helmet

Premium Exterior Design

With expert designers and installation crews, your project is handled with care through every step we take at PRC. Our team gives you top quality with affordable options plus industry-leading warranties. We do it right the first time because we don’t just take pride in our own business…we take pride in yours too. Treating it like it’s our own.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

For residential & commercial roofing, PRC is the one-stop name you need to remember. Both types of properties need to be kept up to not only keep them from looking drab but also keep the integrity of the roof intact. An ill-maintained roof can lead to major damage to the interior, resulting in costly repairs.

If you have commercial property from stores to churches, are a general contractor, or are a homeowner here in Placida, Florida, it’s imperative to work with a company that values integrity, honesty, and getting the job done right. Let us help with quality roof repair, installation, waterproofing, and roof replacement. Call us today to get a detailed estimate for your roofing project.

Residential & Commercial Impact Windows & Doors

Property Renovations & Construction in Placida, FL, also install impact-resistant doors and windows. It’s a smart investment for residential and commercial properties alike. These materials protect from weather damage as well as break-in attempts. Contact us today to find out more about how we can improve your property with this added layer of peace of mind and minimize hurricane impacts.
House Being Built

Storefront Windows & Doors

For stores, churches, and other commercial properties in Placida, you can modernize your entrance areas with more protection while enhancing the aesthetics. The key is choosing experienced contractors to work with. If you’re a general contractor, you likely know this all too well. Let us ensure windows and doors are situated properly to enhance the aesthetic and safety of your business.

Why Choose Property Renovations & Construction, LLC

Property Renovations & Construction, LLC is a one-stop shop for residential and commercial property renovations, roofing services, windows, and doors. We specialize in roof repair, roof replacement, new construction, installations, and coatings to protect your roof while also having a full team of craftsmen experienced with windows and doors.

If you’re doing a new build or renovating, you’ll likely be shopping around to find the best fit. While we’re not the cheapest, we offer fair prices based on our expertise, capabilities, and reputation, giving you the quality you deserve in materials and craft. With every step, we are there for you in this process and aim to ensure that everything we do is done with the utmost care.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss your needs. We offer a free initial estimate, so be sure to schedule one right away!


What indicates a roof needs repairs or replacement?

The lifespan of your roof will depend on the materials used. For most commercial properties, that’s about every 25 years. For residential properties, this can vary. If you notice any signs of failing, you should hire our expert team to see if it needs repairs or replacement. Signs of damage include water stains on the interior, visible wear and tear, mold or moss growth, and damaged, missing, or curled shingles.

What glass is best for doors?

For sliding doors or other styles, you have many options. Annealed glass is popular but not quite as strong, which means it’s not your best choice for anything on the exterior. Tempered glass is stronger, though the strongest would be laminated glass. Contact PRC today to discuss your project for glass doors.

Should I get impact windows or doors?

At Property Renovations & Construction, LLC, we are often asked about impact-resistant windows and entry doors. It’s a wise investment because this area is prone to storms.

Additionally, it can protect against break-ins, reduce noise from outside, and decrease energy bills. While it’s a bigger investment up front, it will pay off in the long run and add more value to your property.

What is important in a roofing company?

In Charlotte County, there are many roofing companies to consider. But before you choose one at random or go for the one offering the lowest price, make sure you check out a few things. For one, they must be certified, licensed, and insured. They should have extensive experience and a portfolio they can easily show you.

It also helps to look at reviews and testimonials. If you don’t trust what you see online, ask them for references. At PRC, we’re proud of our work and for making a positive impact in our community. We’d love to have you as a satisfied customer too. With options for financing and a devoted team that will be by your side the whole way through, let us install your new roofing system, windows, and doors or renovate your entire exterior.

Contact us today for renovations and construction in Placida, FL. We can give you an estimate and then get busy improving and protecting your property with our undeniable passion and expertise.

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