Property Renovations and Construction in Punta Gorda, FL

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your existing property to increase its value and maximize its liveability, or you’re expecting a large insurance settlement from your homeowner’s insurance due to storm damage, Property Renovations and Construction, LLC of Punta Gorda, FL is ready to help. With an unparalleled reputation in the commercial and residential construction industry, our dedicated team guarantees top-quality work that will meet your satisfaction. Call today for a free estimate on roofs, windows, doors, and more.



Property Renovations & Construction

We rollform all our metal roofs on-site and can fabricate your soffit, fascia and gutters to color match, creating a beautiful exterior look. With high disaster and fire resistance and superior durability, metal roof systems are energy efficient, long lasting and come in several different colors and styles.


Tile is actually the most popular roofing product in the world. Offering a great appeal and long life, tiles come in many different colors, decorative profiles, and a variety of materials such as clay, concrete, slate, metal, and composite.


The most popular and cost-effective roofing system, providing water resistance, durability, and economical advantages

Single Ply

Cost effective, flexible, sturdy, energy efficient and easy to install system for flat and low sloped roofs.

Modified Bitumen

For flat or low sloped roofs. It is a multi-layered system with a granulated top, offering increased strength and durability

Roof Coatings

A cost effective way to improve the performance and lifespan of your existing roof by roll or spray on application

Roof Repairs

Damage to a roof is an urgent repair. From residential to commercial roofing systems, field service will note any discrepancies with an action plan to correct and prevent further damage.

Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Prevent damage or emergency repair costs by keeping up with roofing inspections and routine maintenance.


There’s no need to stress over replacing your roof when you trust the experts at PRC.

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Single Hung Windows

A window featuring a single moveable sash from  the bottom for ventilation, while the top remains stationary.

Double Hung Windows

Like a single hung window, double hung has a bottom moveable sash and includes a top moveable sash. This allows for more ventilation and energy efficiency

Casement Windows

Hinged at the side, these windows can be easily opened and closed by a crank handle that can be folded away when not used.

Picture Windows

Stationary windows that do not open or close. These windows maximize your view.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

This window system opens like a sliding glass door. The sash rests on a track and opens by sliding it. This style
satisfies many egress requirements.

Entry Doors

From front entry doors and sidelights to garage or patio entry doors, these products come in many different designs.

French Doors

Provide easy access to a patio or exterior. They are perfect for opening your house and giving a plain room an extra look.

Sliding Glass Doors

Gliding horizontally on tracks, these doors offer incredible views and when opened all the way, offer maximum ventilation

Windows + Doors

Now is a perfect time to replace those old windows and doors! As Brevard’s concierge contractor, PRC is proud to offer a wide range of window and door products that are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Residential Property Services

If you’re like many Punta Gorda residents, your home is your primary investment. More than that, it’s the place you live. Improving, maintaining, and repairing your property is a top priority. That’s why you want to choose a licensed contractor who can provide an accurate estimate, is familiar with the Punta Gorda and Charlotte County ordinances and processes, and will begin and end work promptly. Here are some of the residential property services we provide:

Roof Repair and Installation

We offer free estimates for roof repair jobs and installations. We work with metal, tile, single, ply, and modified bitumen. In many cases, we can also extend the life of your roof by applying a roof coating. Additionally, we will maintain and inspect your roof with an affordable maintenance plan.

If your roof has suffered extensive storm damage, your insurance company may be responsible for a replacement. Our roofing professionals can perform emergency repairs and provide an estimate for your claim.

Windows and Doors

Replace old or damaged doors and windows with hurricane-impact coverings. Hurricane-impact doors and windows are tested against extremely high winds. Consequently, insurance companies often offer discounts to homeowners who have upgraded their windows and doors with hurricane-impact materials. This upgrade has also been shown to increase the value of residential properties.

Commercial Property Services

As is the case with residential property, commercial buildings represent a large investment in capital. If you are a building owner who leases commercial space, you understand the importance of mitigating damage and minimizing downtime.

PRC can meet with you or your building manager to discuss the project you have in mind. We will then provide an accurate estimate of the financial cost and the project start and finish dates. That way, you can make any accommodations to your tenants or customers you require. We specialize in commercial roofs, windows, and doors. Whether you need to repair or replace a storefront, repair roof damage, or replace a roof altogether, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that a professional team is working diligently to complete your job.

Reasons Why Commercial and Residential Property Owners Hire a Contractor

There are many reasons why you may require our services. The following list describes the reasons why homeowners and commercial property owners renovate their properties.

Property Improvement

One of the most popular reasons that property owners use our services is that they want their homes or businesses to improve. Upgrading to a new roof or set of high-impact windows doesn’t only make your property look better, it makes it safer for the occupants and contents of the structure.

Increase Resale Value

When it comes time to sell, you want to remove all obstacles. Buyers will often use an older roof or non-compliant doors and windows to negotiate a discount. Or they will consider other opportunities that will not require a post-purchase upgrade. It just makes sense that homes and commercial buildings with new roofs, doors, and windows sell faster and fetch a higher price.


Roofs, windows, and doors have a limited life expectancy. Many of our customers have decided to replace these building features before they become obsolete, or they have already begun noticing signs of obsolescence.

Storm Damage

Punta Gorda is no stranger to hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe inclement weather. Rooftops, doors, and windows are particularly susceptible to storm damage. Oftentimes, a roof can be repaired without full replacement, but if the damage is more extensive, it’s often better to replace it. In many cases, the insurance company will cover it.
2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook

The PRC Process

Part of what sets PRC apart from our competitors is the attention we provide to every job we take. Here’s how it works.

1. Inspection and Free Estimate

You’ll set an appointment for us to inspect the job site. We will take measurements, examine the damage, and discuss options concerning design and materials. Our professional consultant will then provide you with a free estimate.

2. Pull Permits

If you contract with us, our office will pull the permits we need to start construction. Once we receive the proper authorization, we will schedule the start of your project. We can often predict the start date prior to receiving the permits, but backlogs at the Building Division or inclement weather can cause delays.

3. Starting Construction

Once we begin construction, we will work until it’s complete. We won’t pull a crew off your job to start work on another project. Again, inclement weather can cause interruptions to our construction, but we will protect your property against this eventuality.

4. Completion

Once the job is finished, we will schedule a final inspection with the Building Division. Our team will thoroughly clean up any dust, debris, or excess materials.

Punta Gorda Repairs, Renovations, and Construction

We have an unmatched reputation in Charlotte County for professionalism, quality, and craftsmanship. We have received dozens of favorable reviews and five-star Google ratings on our completed jobs.

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready for a construction project, contact us to discuss your concerns. We will provide a free estimate even if you aren’t ready to start work. Call Property Renovations and Construction, LLC today!

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