Is It Time to Take Care of Your Roof?

Residential and commercial roofing services in Melbourne, Florida and surrounding areas

Property Renovations and Construction can address your roofing needs in Melbourne, Florida and surrounding areas. We complete roofing services in the Sunshine State. From roof installation to repair to maintenance, we'll improve your home or business by adding a high-quality roofing system. Contact Property Renovations and Construction today.

Residential roofing: Protecting your family from a faulty roof

Residential roofs can develop a number of problems over time - especially if they aren't maintained properly. Property Renovations and Construction can address issues with your home's roofing system. We're equipped to:

  • Replace old and damaged roofs
  • Install roofs on new construction
  • Address roof leaks
  • Repair broken or curled shingles

Call Property Renovations and Construction for roof repairs and installations in Melbourne, FL, Space Coast, and surrounding areas.

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Commercial roofing: Supporting your business from the top down

You've worked hard to keep a roof over your head at home, now it's time to keep one over your business. Property Renovations and Construction offers commercial roofing services throughout Florida - from roof installation to repair, to commercial roof maintenance. We work with metal roofs, TPO roofs and other common commercial roofing systems. Call us today to schedule a time for your service.