Commercial Impact Windows & Doors In Viera, FL

Do you own a store in Florida? Now’s the time to invest in impact windows and doors to protect your assets from weather damage. Floridians know the kind of havoc hurricanes can wreak on properties.

Property Renovations and Construction, LLC provides a range of commercial property services in Viera, FL, including the installation of commercial impact doors and windows. Contact us now to get a free estimate on the service. Secure your property against weather damage by getting in touch with us today!



Single Hung Windows

A window featuring a single moveable sash from  the bottom for ventilation, while the top remains stationary.

Double Hung Windows

Like a single hung window, double hung has a bottom moveable sash and includes a top moveable sash. This allows for more ventilation and energy efficiency

Casement Windows

Hinged at the side, these windows can be easily opened and closed by a crank handle that can be folded away when not used.

Picture Windows

Stationary windows that do not open or close. These windows maximize your view.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

This window system opens like a sliding glass door. The sash rests on a track and opens by sliding it. This style
satisfies many egress requirements.

Entry Doors

From front entry doors and sidelights to garage or patio entry doors, these products come in many different designs.

French Doors

Provide easy access to a patio or exterior. They are perfect for opening your house and giving a plain room an extra look.

Sliding Glass Doors

Gliding horizontally on tracks, these doors offer incredible views and when opened all the way, offer maximum ventilation

Windows + Doors

Now is a perfect time to replace those old windows and doors! As Brevard’s concierge contractor, PRC is proud to offer a wide range of window and door products that are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.


Why Install Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact windows and doors are designed to combat wind, water, and debris penetration during storms. Business owners in Florida have to be careful about the kind of windows and doors they install to protect their assets. 

There are several reasons experts advise you to have such windows and doors installed on your property. Here are a few.

Protection from Hurricanes and Storms

Florida is one of the few states in the U.S that is prone to natural disasters like hurricanes. Such calamities could lead to massive property and financial losses. While you can’t stop storms from happening, you can do your part to protect your assets from its fury. 

By installing the most robust roofs, doors, and windows, you can keep the harsh elements of the weather at bay and minimize your losses. This is why you’d want to install impact windows and doors in your office.

Reduced Anxiety

Knowing that your business is protected against harsh weather elements thanks to storm windows can give you peace of mind. Don’t live under the stress of hurricanes damaging your property. Put defenses in place and keep your business safe from damage. 

Property Renovations and Construction, LLC can guide you on commercial property construction in Viera. Contact us to get advice on impact doors and windows for your property.

Protection from UV Rays

Not only can commercial impact doors and windows in Viera, FL, provide storm protection, but they also protect against harmful UV rays. You can also expect them to block noise from outside and prevent burglars from breaking into your property

Low Energy Bills

Impact windows and doors provide high insulation. This could reduce your energy bills and help you save money. 

If you own a property in Viera, Florida, you’re in luck. Property Renovations and Construction, LLC provides the best impact windows and doors installation services and other property improvement services. From doors and windows to roofs and custom exterior renovation, contact us now to get started on your property improvement work

While property improvements include a variety of aspects, the most crucial facets of renovations are installing high-quality impact doors and windows. Contact us for any of these services in Viera, FL.

Types of Impact Windows and Doors

Business owners have unique construction needs and requirements. The good news is that there are several windows and door styles to choose from. Property Renovations and Construction, LLC offers various impact windows and doors. 

Here are your options.

Single Hung Windows

This window consists of a single moveable sash from the bottom meant for ventilation. The top, meanwhile, remains stationary.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows feature a moveable sash at both the bottom and top, resulting in more energy efficiency and ventilation.

Casement Windows

Casement windows feature a foldable crank handle used to open and close the window hinged at the side.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are stationary windows that maximize views and don’t open or close.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

These windows feature a sash that rests on a track and enables the windows to slide open and close. Think of sliding glass doors.

Entry Doors

These doors come in various designs and can be crafted as front or side entry doors to the garage or patio. Consult a professional to discuss designs and choose the best one for your property.

French Doors

French doors provide easy access to the outdoors and can give an excellent look to any room.

Sliding Glass Doors

These doors open horizontally by gliding on tracks. These are perfect for maximum ventilation and can give an incredible view of the outdoors. 

Based on your preference, need, and budget, you can have any of the above-mentioned impact windows and doors installed on your property. If you’re unsure about which one is the best for you, consult Property Renovations and Construction. We will be happy to guide you.

Property Renovations and Construction, LLC

Property Renovations and Construction (PRC) offers a full range of commercial renovation and construction services in Viera, FL, including strong commercial doors installation and hurricane-impact windows. We also provide roofing services in the region. To get the ultimate protection against the harsh weather conditions of Florida, call us. 

We offer quality craftsmanship while working with 100% honesty and integrity. Our trained and experienced professionals can cater to all your exterior design needs. Schedule a meeting with us to share your vision. We can provide you with a free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to break impact windows?

Impact windows are not only meant to protect your property against weather damage but also burglary. Impact windows are not indestructible by any means, but they are extremely hard to break. They are hard enough to prevent break-ins and severe weather.

How long do impact windows last?

Impact or storm windows can last about 10 to 25 years, but the precise life expectancy depends on the quality of materials and construction of the windows. Keep evaluating your windows to see when they need repair or replacement. 

Contact Property Renovations and Construction for any commercial construction and renovation requirements you may have. We’d love to hear from you!

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